Can anyone remember a show from the late 70s/early 80s for young kids and the intro had different coloured balls of plasticine which bounced along. Series set in outer space exploded in the latter part of the decade, following in the rocket trail of Star Wars. Children of the Stones First shown: 10 January to 21 February 1977, ITV One of the most prominent of folk horror series to emerge in the 1970s, Children of the Stones gathers together some of the genre’s most recognisable attributes. It used the footage of the French stop motion animation show Le Manège enchanté, but with completely different scripts and characters.. Some great stuff there. Some scary stuff in the 70s. I'll probably leave my thoughts for that one on it's own write-up, but suffice to say it was well put together and is a bizarre example of "why are some remembered and some forgotten". Bizarrely, I don't remember 'Palace Hill', though remember liking 'Your Mother Wouldn't Like It', I suspect PH likely clashed with whatever favourite shown at the same time on Children's BBC which is why I never cottoned on to it. The 70's was a great time for television, with UK clasics such as Rising Damp, The Benny Hill Show and On The Buses sitting alongside … Hello James,I'm pleased you have a memory of the bricked up steam train, I have a feeling it was BBC program and was shown on a weekday morning or early afternoon early seventies.I think I was off school unwell at the time.I guess it may have been part of the bbcs watch series or its forerunner.Just glad I didn't imagine it.David. How about The Blunders narrated by Frankie HowerdAlso Who sir me sir on bbc about a sports competition?Thd cuckoo sisterStepping stones Silas (badly dubbed about a boy and a horse the villain a scary woman called the shrew)Get up and go with mooncat!Cloppa CastleMy list goes on and on.... Can anyone remember a program from late 70s early 80s called alice come home or alice come back. Back in the day, you could still find Mr. Hooper manning his store on Sesame Street, and kids were in the joke—that Mr. Snuffalupagus was Big Bird’s imaginary friend. I remember a children's program probably early seventies about a child that discovers a train and train line bricked up behind a wall.I know I didn't imagine it but can't find anything about it.David, Yep - I remember that and have been trying to identify it, but I would have placed it mid to late 70s, Hi David, I remembered that one, it may have been a famous five episode. Talking of which, whilst Griffith is rightly beloved by many, it strikes me that he's not yet widely "recognised" and hailed for his genius by the masses. Very trippy intro. Any thoughts?Ps- Jumbo Spencer (1976) brought me here somehow? Take this quiz to find out... Advertisement. The other one that puzzles me is another drama series, early ot mid 70s, which featured some sort of time travel and memorisation of a code to get them to return to the present. Does nobody remember The Silver Sword, a children's series set in WW2, about three child refugees (Edek, Bronya and I forget the other name)? I've asked everybody this question since about five years after I first saw the damn thing, and NOBODY has been able to tell me. Created by James Boswell, Ruth Boswell. Since television became a mass medium in the 1960s, children’s TV has been a key part of the schedules, fulfilling – on the BBC at least … Have you guys got any idea? Inventive shows included Rainbow (ITV, 1972-95) and Pipkins (ITV, 1973-81). Likewise, I don't recall 'Go With Noakes' as it was just slightly before me, though I knew of the legendary Noakes from my set of 'Blue Peter' year books I collected from jumble sales (yes, I was that nerdy child!) He either found it in a school playground or a park and I think the bottle glowed. Does anyone remember the name of a kids' drama that was based in a hotel, I think maybe in Jersey or it could have just been the South coast somewhere. In the early 1970s, rock bands were a premise for many children’s TV shows. It’s bugging the life out of me what it was called, if anyone remembers it? If anybody knows the answer please let me know. I was wondering if it was a segment within another show - possibly Pipkins - but I don't think it was. It was based on a series of books (which had some differences to the TV series, not least being Jonny had more siblings in the books); I still have 'Johnny Briggs and the Ghost' which I was awarded at school in 1986 for full attendance that year. Average weekly regional ITV children's output increased from seven hours in 1970 to 9.5 hours by 1974. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. If memory serves me right dragons lived in his firebox. woman speaks out after chaotic parish council video meeting goes viral, The unlikely star of the Handforth Parish Council meeting - which has been viewed nearly three million times - said she had had "nothing but really lovely, positive support" from people. Please feel free to leave any suggestions I have missed, and feedback in the comments, I'd Love to hear your thoughts on this list . Some great trips down memory lane here. 70s to early 80s, Could be Midnight is a Place, I was flicking through one of those 'Greatest Children's TV Shows' things the other day and, yes, the shows it listed were indeed fantastic, but what about the other children's shows that were making up the schedules as. Hits from the 1970s 4 Disc Set [DVD] ... A collection of episodes from favourite British pre-school children's programmes of the 1970s. No one seems to have mentioned (from early days) Poguls Wood,Inch High Private Eye,Goober & the Ghost-Chasers,Funky Phantom, Hectors House & The Sage Garden(wow!). Stars: Shari Lewis, Margaret … Grange Hill. i.e. ... Four musical insect-like British fairies live happily in their enchanted forest while avoiding the schemes of the jealous Benita Bizarre. 17. I think it was a BBC production, and so it will be in the Genome project, but I haven't found it yet. Trying to find a TV drama from the 70s starring a young chap who was a popular children’s actor at the time. THE GENERATION GAME UK (BBC) Game Show. must of been late 80s early 90s. However, memories keep flooding back. At last, somebody else who remembers this!!! The lead being jill a time traveling girl travelled into the past to 1700s england to a house in the country, interacted with the people with the house and entertained the lady in the house by reading a book who's spelling was not uniform? The Goodies. It was shown on an early Sunday eve was only ever one series. all around her town/village? . Brian Cant (second right) with the Play Away Gang, Paddington the Bearswaps Marmalade for Marmite, Pupils from Woodway Park school in Coventry do the dying fly with Sally James, Undated Handout photo from classic children's show Rainbow. 'Ragdolly Anna' has always stuck in my memory, though I don't know why, as it it was a bit too girly and "babyish" for me by that time - though I think I might have sat and enjoyed a few episodes on the quiet! This brings back lots of great memories. The lad who played Jonny Briggs appeared opposite Sue Devaney on Celebrity Pointless a couple of weeks back. It's a shame there's barely any footage of it online. It was great fun and a day out at Alton Towers too. 70’s kids spent their sunny days learning the alphabet from Bob and Susan and relied on Gordon to help … 'Granddad' is one of my earliest afternoon children's TV memories, possibly due to the Clive Dunn connection and my dad having the song on some old record somewhere. Maybe it's stuck due to the great Pat Coombs being in it, or due to Mark Harris, who I sat next to at school, knocking off his own version of the series's song, both the original and his own unique version I can still vividly recall ("Ragdolly Anna... Come with me... Upside-down in the lavatory...") I never saw 'Runaround' beyond a few of those overdone Channel 4 "100 Greatest..." clipshows as it finished when I was about three; but it's always struck me what a strange choice Mike "Paat" Reid was as host; he was more like a villain off 'The Sweeney' trying to shift some dodgy gear than a kid's TV gameshow host (and recall one of the '100 Greatest...' (ahem) experts commenting the same. She came on first and then opened a little door that the helper kids used to come into the 'kitchen' through. called. does anyone remember a 1970's t.v. I'm sure I didn't imagine it because I loved it! It's driving me mad! "And " the boy from outer space ". Raunchy Sitcoms like "Number 96" and "The Box" and Satire to hoot. I can't remember much more detail apart from one episode where the son convinced his dad to buy an arcade machine for the hotel and then he changed the order to 10 arcade machines. It starred Melvyn Hayes as Edek and Frazer Hines as the other boy. Well after a bit more research on the bricked up steam train it seems to be a three part 1972 tv series called the Viaduct, children of brass and iron.David. 'The Viaduct'. Any ideas? Did you just happen to be passing and took the snaps? FROM THE UNFORGETTABLE to the pretty much forgotten; this was the golden age of kids TV - creative, warm, rough around the edges. Each episode the cast would play different roles as depending on what the topic was. I lived in Yorkshire, but am not too sure it was Yorkshire TV. When ITV was allowed to open up daytime TV from October 1972 it devoted half an hour around noon to programmes for pre-school children. 'Heads and Tails' sticks well in my mind as being part of the lunchtime sea-saw line-up along with the various more remembered classics (yet Trumpton, yer Bagpuss, yer Mr. Benn, etc. It was Blackpool so nowhere near South Coast. Anyone remember a programme from late 80's (possibly) filmed in Mossley, Ashton under Lyne...thinking its set in a hostel or similar...? She was on her own, had brown hair and I had videos of the programme, at the time. Was aired in 1974. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!P.S It was not a 2D animated show, in fact more of a 3D Teletubbies kind of a show. Great article, have just read both it and it's follow-up... and later the very same day see you've expanded it further with 'The Forgotten World of British Children's TV - Vol. In the 1970s the British comedian Jasper Carrot had a song that parodied the Magic Roundabout. She runs over one bit on her bike. I don't remember the TV programme, but when I was in first year at high school we studied the novel of the Silver Sword (by Ian Serralier) and I loved it. Find all the best television shows from the other side of the pond in our US TV store and catch the latest shows in our 2014's Hottest TV page. as you do lolbugging me so bad, Does anyone remember a childrens tv series about children sent to the sewers under London to dredge for valuables this was called Toshing they found a metal box containing something interesting. Anyone help? Does anyone recall a TV series, I believe in the late 70's that was about a joy who had an old recluse as a friend who lived near a secluded lake? 1. Since television became a mass medium in the 1960s, children’s TV has been a key part of the schedules, fulfilling – on the BBC at least – a Reithian mission to inform, educate and entertain. The only band I can remember being on when we were there was the Shillelagh Sisters. I have looked on everything list here and cannot find a programme that I watched with my daughter in 1992/93.The nearest one is The Comfy Couch, but I seem to remember a young girl with a wand. ), I think they had hopes on it being a really big hit. Anyone remember a teens program in the early 80s on quite late at night called going out. (Okay, useless story!) With Cheryl Burfield, Spencer Banks, Denis Quilley, Iris Russell. Spread the joy and share on Facebook, Twitter and the rest It featured a little girl who came to school with lice and the teacher cut off her long hair. I’ve been trying to recall the name of a cartoon that aired the 80s- it featured a small boy living in an apartment with his dad- it was a very quiet gentle programme. Please help, thanks, can anyone remember a show around 70s early 80s all i rem a boy goes to a pier and ends up in a halls of mirrors and some how goes to this weird subterranean world very claustrophobic i think i recall he is looking for a missing girl in the tunnels etc. I remember watching an educational program when I was Younger. Have I imagined this? How is a British educational television show created by Jack Hargreaves. ... TV Shows. I thought I was the only one who remembered Let's Pretend and Palace Hill and Ghost Train I thought I'd imagined! Dizzy Heights was hugely popular at the time, wasn't the boy in the Gristle family called Eustace? ... mask clue The Masked Singer UK viewers had another go at ... Reunion style TV show to … The Wombles (1973-75)- The Wombles are the original puppet environmentalists, little pointy … I loved Palace Hill (and of course Your Mother Wouldn't Like It!). !Double Deckkers anyone ?Any one remember cartoon where a space craft crashes in the front garden ?Catch the Pigeon....oh & Pathfinders....saving best till last....Catweezle ! The BBC’s Play for Today slot went from strength to controversial strength in the late 1970s. Gilbert's Fridge - ITV - 1988. I also seem to remember it having quite a a promoted debut (as in, a few more TV Times features and Children's ITV promos than usual! One of his last series was the kids' comedy All Change, in 1989, in which he played the ghostly Uncle Bob. Atara came to our school in the mid-late 70s, absolutely terrific band. The programme you’re describing is ‘Rebecca’ (about the doll) - incidentally, my name and I used to find it weird. Pulls another out of a bog? Can you recognise 44 kids' shows from '90s British TV? Which classic 1970s show featured a hare called Hartley, a monkey called Topov and a pig called, er, Pig? What about Children of the Stones, and Tarot Dodds the mystery man. Absolutely loved "Len and the River Mob" The highlight of my week watching that at school, Love the list, i'm trying to get the name of a show i remember as a kid. Like the Roman times or the battle of 1066 etc. I want to show my daughter, as she was only 2 at the time, but she loved it. Is my imagination playing tricks on me? All hail to the lovely worlds of Oliver Postgate, Tony Hart, Derek Griffiths, Johnny Morris, Floella Benjamin, Brian Cant, Johnny Ball etc etc The list includes older programs that were broadcast during the 80s - plus some 90s shows that had 80s spirit. Long shot, but vaguely remember a salvador dali type painting that the children were hypnotised by or entered into think it was in an old mansion, as i said very vague, any ideas ? I think a boy or girl gets saved from a sunken ship and all he / she says is “sickle-zad” - turns out he/ she is French and is trying to say Little Lad. It's driving me mad! 'Let's Pretend' also sticks in my memory, as a fairly long-running entry into ITV's lunchtime kid's line-up, rotating with the likes of the classic 'Rainbow' and the little-remembered 'Mooncat and Co' (another lesser-known-series, initially starring Beryl Reid and called 'Get Up and Go'). I think it might have been Simon something. There were many Variety Talk and Talent Shows, Late Night Comedies and a host of Game Shows. I've been searching for this for years. I would question the claim that some of those are lesser known, I remember,fondly ,the majority of those.Highlights from my growing up years were Gilberts Fridge, CBTV,Runaround,Erasmus Microman,Fat Tulips Garden ,Heads and Tails and Hold Tight.One theme that was quite common amongst kids TV in those days was how they treated kids with respect and didn't talk to or dumb down when creating programmes.Gilbert was a comedy genius ,totally off the cuff ,no script,brilliant TV. Image: Time Express / Warner Bros.You might think that modern television is riddled with superheroes and spaceships, but the 1970s were just as rich with science fiction and fastasy. It was a 3 part series. The first series - with Patsy Kensit - was my favourite, and I loved the Nadsat-esque jargon used by the characters. And, thanks, I'm slowly uncovering the forgotten side of British TV one article at a time. I can't recall watching 'Tales of the Rodent Sherlock Holmes' though I'm sure I did see it (again it probably clashed with something else), but I do recall really enjoying it's similar-themed predecessor, 'Ratman'. Classic 70's children's TV shows. Menu. 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