Florida’s four wildlife management zones all have varying hunting seasons and are controlled and regulated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Zone C includes everything around Zone B and north of Zone A into the panhandle. Attention Hunters: Your Ft McCoy Archery/Turkey/Gun Deer permit is your Fort McCoy harvest authorization (carcass tag) for the season on Fort McCoy . Depending on how the dates fall in each year, Zone A’s total deer hunting days will be between 121 and 128, an increase from 116 previously. Deer-dog training season. Florida Hunting Maps Overview . The Florida Wildlife Code, Division Number 68A of the Florida Administrative Code, can be obtained at flrules.org . In northern deer ranges, the duration of the rut is short and doesn’t vary much from area to area or from year to year. Hunting in Florida; Season Dates and Species; DMU-C; DMU-C. The South zone season typically starts with archery the last weekend in July followed by muzzleloader and rifle seasons through the first week of January. Deer taken under the Deer Depredation Permit Program, Private Lands Deer Management Permit Program and Antlerless Deer Permit Program (antlerless deer only), and on licensed game farms and hunting preserves are excluded from bag (daily and annual) and possession limits. In Florida’s Northwest Zone ar-chery season begins Oct. 13, while bow season in the South Zone opened Sept. 8, and on Sept. 22 in the Central Zone when the summer heat and high humid-ity was still baking the woods. Florida is home to the white-tailed deer. Zone C is Florida’s largest hunting zone, encompassing the central and northern part of the state. Zone 4: Unlimited Antlerless Deer 620 S. Meridian St. • Tallahassee, FL • (850) 488-4676 Season dates, license info, bag limits and more. The fieldwork portion of the south Florida deer study will be ending in December. Florida is broken down into 4 zones. The following persons are exempt from all license and permit requirements (except for quota permits when listed as “no exemptions,” recreational use permits, antlerless deer permits and the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp [federal duck stamp]): Florida … Hunting in Florida is divided into 4 different zones. your own Pins on Pinterest If and when you have the time to learn more about hunting in Florida, you will learn that the state actually has multiple climate zones. Increase success as you layer state forests, wildlife management areas, private property and more over aerial imagery, and topographic basemaps, for the most accurate map on mobile device and desktop. The state is divided into four zones, and dates and weapon types vary greatly for each one. Zone D TAG Report. Whether hunting public or private land, a hunting license and a $5 Deer Permit is required for the expedition. Zone 2: 2 Antlerless Deer. Persons using wildlife management areas are required to have appropriate licenses, permits and stamps. Zone C is Florida’s largest hunting zone, encompassing the central and northern part of the state. Everything you need to plan your Florida hunting trips for 2020. Guidance. Wild Hog Wild hog is hunted year-round in Florida and has no bag limit. Hunting Seasons by Zone. 5. Updated Deer Management Units to 2019-20 regulations; Updated Hunting Zones to 2019-20 regulations; Version 17.0 Released on: Jun 12, 2017. Archery: Sept. 26, 2020- Feb. 28, 2021 Muzzleloader: Closed Private Land Antlerless-only Modern Gun Hunt: Dec. 29-31, 2020 Special Youth Modern Gun Hunt: Nov. 7-8, 2020 and Jan. 2-3, 2021 Modern Gun: Nov. 14-22 and Dec. 26-28, 2020 Statewide Bag Limit Hunting Osceola turkeys is a great way to kick off the spring and enjoy some of the best weather of the year in South Florida. Antlerless Deer: Private lands: The statewide annual bag limit on antlerless deer is five (5). Zone Map. RI Deer Management Zones Bag Limits. Official 2020 Florida Hunting rules & regulations. Hogs can be trapped or shot and a hunting license is not required to take a hog. Saved by Townsend Bullard. Brush up on bag limits. Added over 3,000 additional Recreational Sites (boat ramps, marinas, campgrounds, public beach access sites, etc.) Youth may use any legal method of take (including dogs) for deer, with a limit of 1 deer for the weekend that counts towards the youth’s annual statewide bag limit. Deer Dog Training Season. Must have Deer Permit as well … Discover (and save!) However, in no other state does … The rut is in full swing and it cost this big fella. your own Pins on Pinterest This weekend does not apply to wildlife management areas. Florida Hunting Outfitters. Youth may use any legal method of take (including dogs) for deer, with a limit of 1 deer for the weekend that counts towards the youth’s annual … Archery season: Oct. 17 – Nov. 15; Crossbow season: Oct. 17 – Nov. 15; Youth deer hunt weekend: Nov. 28–29 1; General gun season: Dec. 25–27; Zone C . Zone C: Oct. 3-22. Copyright 1999 - 2021 State of Florida. An all inclusive fully guided trip. The general gun season in that zone runs through Jan. 24. hunting on private land and authorized state and federal lands, all three (3) of the three (3) buck bag limit may be any antlered deer. The peak of the rut generally oc-curs in December and January in the Panhandle, well after bow season in the You can fly into either Tampa or Orlando International airports. (1) Youth deer hunt weekend – Youth 15-years-old and younger can harvest any deer except spotted fawn, but youth must be supervised by an adult, 18 years or older. Map showing zone A, B, C and D and the 12 deer management units in Florida. Jan 13, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club, Inc.. As a young adult, Richie studied other species of deer, and made educational trips to other deer ranches, to learn more about deer ranching. Zone B is located in the mid-eastern part, while zone C is located in the mid and north western part of Florida. RI Deer Management Zones Bag Limits. Zone A: Aug. 17 – Sept. 5. The 2018-2019 deer season is winding down for us in the Panhandle of Florida, as well as South Alabama. Polk, Hillsborough, and a part of DeSoto County (where we have processors and food pantries) is comprised of Zones B and C as designated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Muzzleloader, crossbow and modern firearms hunters all get their chance during that timeframe.