Attaches to the JB4 allowing it to directly control both traditionalport injection kits and WMI port injection kits. We are so close to the 1,000WHP mark! Our manifold has been redesigned (9/20) to now be a one piece design for ease of installation. BMW N54 TOP MOUNT SINGLE TURBO KIT MANIFOLD T4 TWIN SCROLL 135 335 535 Z4. What is the difference between the SplitSecond AIC6 as a stand alone and the JB4 PI controller? BMP Modular Stage 2 Bucket-less Fuel Pump Kit N54 335i 135i ** Walbro 535 option available for your Primary Pump**The 535 has been road tested to ensure it is s.. $299.99 . BMW 335i 135i N54 Top Mount Single Precision Turbo Kit. HORRIBLE N54. Basically what your saying is the kit is good....I mean we all know the the parts are from china which is why I choose to use a Tail gate with this kit and my own charge pipe and BOV....As far as the turbo goes I know 4 people running the 61mm without issues not to say that the next one wont be crap. The 7 Fastest N54's in the World! T3 and T4 turbos have been around for a long time and offer great value, ranging from $750 to $1000 depending on your target horsepower goals. When Vargas Turbo created the OEM Replacement Turbo Kit for the BMW N54 motor, they didn't want to offer a product that was solely a replacement. Free shipping . I think the smallest an EFR comes with a T4 flange is the 7163 or maybe it was a 7064, but might be close to or over max efficiency in the 550-600hp range. BMW N54 BOTTOM MOUNT SINGLE TURBO MANIFOLD V-BAND. Since the stock turbos have a notorious reputation for their wastegate arms and flapper valves starting to cause a rather annoying rattling noise after a little break-in time, Vargas Turbo replaced the stock ones with a stainless steel … Free shipping . Click here for the port injection FAQ and additional information for wiring andrequirements. They come complete with all nessary hardware to install and is listed below. Free shipping . T4’s have been very popular in full tilt 2.5+L Subaru setups to make loads of horsepower. Check out the single-turbo, upgraded twin-turbo, and stock turbo World Records for the 135i and 335i BMW N54. The T3/T4 hybrid is still old tech, newer turbos have billet wheels, full face journal bearings if not ball bearing cartridges, better ratios, BW has extended tips as well, the only requirement that we can't meet here is the internal waste gate unless you start going way up in price, but for a bit more you could swing a pretty gnarly turbo. Add to Cart. BMW N54 TOP MOUNT SINGLE TURBO KIT HOT PARTS 135 335 535 Z4. Our turbo kit currently holds the N54 single turbo HP record at 889hp. The AIC6 is a Included is a T4 twin scroll manifold which is the heart of this turbo kit. I've seen Evo X info with an EFR 7670 and spool time is about 700 rpm above stock turbo, so you'd think on an N54 it would be lower rpm. $999.00. See what mods it takes to build the fastest N54's in the World. T4’s can deliver enough air for applications in the 400 to 800HP range. On3 Performance. $1,899.00. $999.00. Turbo of your choice (T3 or T4 from BW, Precision or Garrett) Cast Exhaust Ceramic Coated Manifold (divided for twin scroll), single wastegate port (fully divided), O2 bungs (N54 version) TiAL MVR or Turbosmart Hypergate wastegate (you may also choose to purchase the kit without a wastegate) Tig welded 3” stainless steel downpipe BMW 335I 135I N54 TOP MOUNT SINGLE TURBO KIT (6266) The DOC Race turbo kit is the ulimate turbo kit for your street machine!