“You—idiot, cut it out!” he hissed in warning to Kirishima, who seemed to be quite enjoying himself, but the guy seemed to have no ear for listening. And just what are we wagering?”, “Geez, you really make some over-the-top suggestions sometimes.”. The unease and awkwardness always reared its head first, and he wound up not being able to go through with it. You’ll probably get there first, so wait for me?”, Having decided where to meet, Yokozawa ended the conversation, arriving at the nearest station just as he turned off his phone. Haven’t you realized that more and more chicks have been inviting you out lately?”. 4. A pedido de muchas señoritas, continúo leyendo la novela, ooh siii!! Faced with such an unexpected display of possessiveness, Yokozawa’s temperature shot up and his senses sharpened, leaving him suddenly pushed to the point of no return. “What’re you looking for? “He texted me earlier saying that the roads were crowded and he was running a bit late. “Thank you so much, Hiyori-chan.”. Sometimes he acted like a stubborn little grade-schooler—the realization of which did absolutely nothing to spur him into action, unfortunately. I’m gonna head down then, Papa!”, “Can you make it down on your own? I bet you’ll be hiding in a corner sobbing when she gets married.”, At his teasing comment, Kirishima fired back, “Like hell; I’ll be bawling my eyes out at the ceremony. Kirishima liked to gauge his reactions to comments like this—and while Yokozawa had initially overreacted to the idle banter, he’d finally recently learned to just let it slide over him. Please give her our regards.”. Yokozawa himself had gone out to buy manga magazines, his allowance gripped tight in one hand, when he was young. “What do you think you’re doing worrying her even more than she was, Henmi?”, “I-I-I-I-I’m sorry! “Wh—what the hell is that? Yokozawa-san, you’ll have some too, won’t you?”. “Hiyo—you’re sleepy, aren’t you? I’m gonna go buy some milk; wait here for me.” He returned the issue of Japun to its place and headed over to the drink area. “Hiyo…you done with your ‘expedition’?” She seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the bookstore. Granted, even the number of people she would meet today and tomorrow was limited, representing only a small percentage of her whole fan faction, but just by exchanging a few words, she would be able to grasp their thoughts and feelings. “What do you mean ‘the other day’?” As expected, Henmi cut right to the quick of the matter. She’d mentioned mainly working the register, but today she’d left her station and was perhaps going to be helping out with the autograph event. Her hand trembled where she gripped the sleeve of Kirishima’s shirt, seemingly nervous, and her eyes as she glanced up were clouded over with a thin sheen of tears. “Excellent work today, Yokozawa-san. Before then, they’d never even spoken outside of work, and even now Yokozawa occasionally reflected how strange their current relationship was in that respect. “That’s—” But he clammed right up at the way too on-the-nose comment. “Sorry I’m la—wait, what are you reading…?”, “Monthly Japun. And he was all but certain that the reason he felt so guilty seeing his mother like that was because he knew fully well that he wouldn’t be able to paint for his parents the future he knew they wanted. When he brought up the cowardly actions of the groper, Kirishima’s expression darkened into one of grim anger. Sick of feeling like he’s riding on his parents’ coattails, Onodera Ritsu quits his father’s publishing company (where he was a literature editor) and gets a j In a desperate effort to dispel the heavy atmosphere, Yokozawa blithely changed subjects: “Oh, so—the chick I helped out? What do I do…what should I say?” Kirishima gave her a little push with a Go on, placing Hiyori in front of Takanashi, obviously unsure of herself. She’d just been through something traumatic—I couldn’t let her get on a packed train all by herself.” She’d seemed like a really quiet girl initially, but once she got started on a book she liked, it was hard to stop her. “…By the way, I wanted to confirm something.”, “Was that girl with the glasses the one you helped out on the train the other day?”. “Yes, he…he did…” Her voice was little louder than a buzzing mosquito, but it was a clear confession, and she cut a glare at the man through eyes clouded over with fear and anger. Only a few days before, he’d grown unable to bear it anymore and shifted his wardrobe to short-sleeved shirts for the summer, but walking around outside for any length of time had him dripping in sweat. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (novela) parte 1 audio+descarga - Duration: 7:07. “That’s awfully suspicious, you getting so riled up. Katou took out his cell phone and scrolled down the screen, checking for incoming messages. It was likely simply a matter of not being worth the effort of pursuing to Kirishima. “But—I just can’t accept that… I mean, I can’t do much, but if it’s not an inconvenience…” She trailed off, clinging fervently to a please, and Yokozawa finally offered a suggestion of his own. “Sorry for the wait.”, “Oh, no; I was the one who made you wait, after all. “Hng…a—ah!” He crested over at Kirishima’s prompting, dirtying his pants and the hand gripping his cock and leaving his head, which had been burning feverishly, once again cool. “I’ll see you later, Hiyori-chan.” At Takanashi’s parting words, Hiyori left to room with a beaming expression. He furrowed his brow at the insinuation in Kirishima’s words. Saying you wanted to support the series on your own.”, “Yeah yeah, I’ll shut up now. Kirishima’s voice was soft and secretive as he hazarded, “You going to sleep?”. “…Reflex, my ass.” Despite his age, the guy could really act like a child sometimes—no different from the boys wanting to catch Hiyori’s attention by purposefully teasing her. “There’s a good boy.”. 3b. But then—Hiyo’s an early riser…”. He did?! Kirishima fed more force into the fingers stroking Yokozawa, leaving Yokozawa to slouch forward instinctively, and he reflexively dug his nails into Kirishima’s arms wrapped around him to steady himself in the position. 1. “Well you can’t stand around here being nervous with such an adorable fan cheering you on with her whole heart! “Eh? Rather than an ‘idol’ air, he seemed blessed with the form of a ‘prince,’ and was working part-time here while devoting the rest of his time to his work as an art student. Martial God Asura Ch. Takanashi’s works appealed to a wide range of audience ages, with a good half of them being female fans, and while they hadn’t taken a precise count, it seemed that most of the fans here today were women, according to those in charge of taking attendance. The very model of a salesman, aren’t I?”, “Well I’m sure she’s enthusiastic in her work and all—but you said she worked the register, didn’t you? It seemed that Kirishima had been concerned with the scratches beneath the bandage Hiyori had applied even more than Yokozawa had been. It was neither his own house nor that of any of his friends. Even better. “You’ve been yawning like crazy for a while now—don’t push yourself. You should’ve just left me a message and headed home.”, “Nah, no big deal, seeing as I’d just gotten here myself—but did something happen? Perhaps because it was the release date, there was a rather large stack of marriage-related magazines lined up with the words ’RE-MARRIAGE SPECIAL EDITION’ in large letters. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. Everything he’d experienced in all his years seemed meaningless, leaving him with little else to do but give himself over to being trifled with. Kirishima interrupted Yokozawa’s unthinking attempt at an excuse with a smile, and apparently thinking the bold confession nothing more than a joke, Matsumoto let out an even greater laugh. “I’m sure you’ll run into her again around the store—but just make sure you don’t go getting her hopes up, you sexy beast. You were just feeling up this young woman, weren’t you?”, “Of—of course not! Volví!! 1 Short Story (2) septemberscans. Iokawa is first introduced prior to Hiyori Kirishima's birthday party, when he escorts his nephew, Yuuto, to give her a birthday present. My apologies for the wait. He could feel their gazes on him, bubbling over with interest, but he glanced away and let brushed off the question. The dashing figure that stepped through the door was none other than the figurehead employee of Books Marimo, Yukina Kou, and the room fell silent the moment he appeared. The weather had been bright sunny skies without a cloud in sight since that morning, and the sun shone down mercilessly, as if attempting to burn to a crisp all in its path and sending the temperature skyrocketing. “What’re you doing spacing out over there? With his hips locked in a tight hold, Yokozawa had no way to escape easily. He appreciated the sentiment, but it still felt awkward; however, despite his efforts to politely turn her down, Matsumoto was clearly not satisfied with leaving things as they were. The lovely woman in the pictures he saw looked just like Hiyori—in one, she was situated next to Kirishima, grinning brightly, as she held a tiny newborn Hiyori in her arms in a hospital room. Kirishima had been on-target—his refuting the accusation had been little more than show, but he was hardly objective enough to own up to the fact that these kinds of things grated on him 24-7. I’m about to leave the office myself. 2. “Oh—no, I just really only did what anyone would’ve done. Such a base, cowardly criminal deserved to be caught as quickly as possible, and it made Yokozawa regret letting him go all the more, but there was little left to do besides leave it to the professionals. 2 Short Story [Sek... Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ The Case of Yokozawa Takafum... Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. It was more than enough that you helped me! “Aah…AH!” Hiyori immediately looked embarrassed at the reflex she hadn’t been able to hold down, and the adorable way she tried to hide her open mouth with both hands slapped to her face drew more laughter. “Will you have something, Takanashi-sensei? We’ve been waiting for you!”, “Sorry for that, Katou. He had never been so shocked in all his life—and while it had eventually come out that they hadn’t done anything untoward, a dozen wild theories had run through his mind in that single moment. He said he’d take us! Today’s meeting to discuss sales policies had everyone on edge from the outset. “Hey, don’t sit around with your hair all wet—you’ll soak the sofa.”, “You’re starting to gripe at me as much as Hiyo…”, “Whose fault is it I feel like I have to?”. I’ve still got work to do here so just—sit your ass down and wait patiently with Hiyo.”, Matsumoto had been watching their exchange quietly, when a repressed giggle found its way out of her mouth. Yokozawa wondered if he’d ever grow used to that aspect of his personality. And he couldn’t gripe about it either, seeing as Kirishima had neither been teasing nor berating him. While the plan had originally been to only hold the event in Tokyo, the schedule turned brutal in an attempt to hit up all three cities in only two days after the author expressed a desire to meet as many fans as possible and the shops put forth their eager requests in the same vein. “I figure maybe I’ll notice something by reading it from a different angle from usual.”. Book 2 of 3 in the 世界一初恋 ~横澤隆史の場合~ Series. Of course, they were always diligent and serious in their jobs, but this was the first time they’d ever experienced such a bloodthirsty atmosphere. And—you’re one of the people who make the damn thing; what’s the point of reading it now?” They checked all the nooks and crannies that readers would never even consider before sending it to print; Yokozawa could see no point in reading it at a magazine stand. Now all that was left was to pray that the events in Nagoya and Osaka went off without a hitch. But—Yukina-kun already brought everyone drinks…?”. Kirishima was the managing editor for Ijuuin Kyou, the mangaka who gave life to Marukawa Shoten’s above-and-beyond bombastic sales hit, Za Kan. One couldn’t help but be impressed with not only his prowess as an editor himself but also as an editor-in-chief with the charisma to pull together a team of such individualistic editors. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. “…Yukina-kun’s so rude to me.” Peals of laughter erupted as Katou slumped in place, dejected. They certainly hadn’t been close enough to ever go out drinking together, and any time they passed each other in the halls at Marukawa, they’d simply given the most basic of greetings and moved on. septemberscans on September 2, 2014 at 8:05 am says: Because you’re in Book 4. “—Ah! Henmi’s simple-minded character typically helped the situation as a mood-maker, but today it seemed to have backfired. But if Kirishima ever realized just how often Yokozawa let himself get swept away, there was no telling what he’d say. 3. “Oh yeah—so is Kirishima-san not here yet?”, Just as he’d been about to settle into an empty seat, he jolted to attention at the unexpected name from the store manager’s mouth. He must really like her…, Kirishima swiped a beer from the refrigerator and took a long swig—he was probably thirsty from the bath. “Don’t…need your…fucking commentary…” But the truth of the situation being so clearly presented set his mind to boiling over. Apparently she’d seen me in the shop before, but I was kind of shocked to find out she recognized me.”. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. C’mon, Hiyori-chan, let’s get going.”, At Matsumoto’s prompting, Hiyori nodded eagerly. !” When silence had settled over the inside of the car, they could hear Hiyo talking in her sleep in the back seat, and the soft voice brought Yokozawa back to himself. “You certainly seem close!”, “We’re really not—” “—Frighteningly close.”. Yokozawa watched her leave with a soft smile before setting the last of the dishes into the dish rack. Would you mind noting it on the board?” It was well past quitting time, and he didn’t have any drinking sessions scheduled with his superiors or clients. The Case of Takafumi Yokozawa (世界一初恋 ~横澤隆史の場合~, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai) is a light novel written by Fujisaki Miyako and Shungiku Nakamura. Yokozawa belatedly spilled the full details of the situation as they left the convenience store and headed to Kirishima’s apartment. It seemed this was their first meeting, and Kirishima rattled off an easy self-introduction. He was usually so unruffled in everything he did, but when it came to Hiyori, he turned remarkably on-edge. “Henmi? His work attire consists of an array of business suits, usually with a tie. Now I’m worried one of these days she’s gonna come up to me and declare, ‘I’m gonna marry Yokozawa-oniichan!’”, Yokozawa snorted softly at the confessed worry. If it’s all right with you, I’d like to—”, But Matsumoto was cut off by Hiyori dashing into the room as she launched herself at Yokozawa, wrapping her arms tight around his waist. Just—get going!” In an effort to hide his discomfort, he slapped Henmi roughly on the back when he turned to regard Yokozawa curiously. He has his own side story entitled Takafumi Yokozawa No Baai about his new love interest, Kirishima Zen, as he handles his rejection by Takano. They were both working right now, he reminded himself, and he made an effort to keep a cool, calm demeanor. Sure, he probably should’ve greeted the guy just like he would with any work-related call, but even that was still a little awkward for some reason. As expected of Yokozawa-san! At Kirishima’s prompting, Hiyori nodded strongly. If Yokozawa hadn’t released his grip back then, the guy wouldn’t have been able to get away so easily, and Yokozawa silently reprimanded himself for being so naive. Her eyes went wide as she stared at Yokozawa. “EH?! ^__^ Reply septemberscans on April 15, 2014 at 12:37 am says: “Well, enough about you—when did Takanashi-sensei say she was arriving? Yokozawa bit his tongue, intent on not digging his grave any deeper than it already was. I’m sure he’ll be here before the event gets started, but I haven’t received any updates.” Just then, a knock came from the door. They came out looking quite nice despite the fact that we had them drafted at the last minute!”. I’m glad everything ended successfully; here, for you.”. I’ll have to thank her properly later…”, “Please just relate those feelings of gratitude to the fans who you’ll meet today and tomorrow. “Come now, there’s no need to be so nervous! It seemed he’d arrived with someone else—perhaps he’d brought along a part-timer to observe? 4 Chapter 2 septemberscans. Takanashi was likely taken with Kirishima’s looks, which lived up to the rumors. It’s pathetic, but I just couldn’t bring myself to raise my voice at him and…”, “Well you were scared, I’m sure. You definitely don’t want to let guys like that get away with it, but you so rarely actually notice what they’re doing.”, He’d been certain they’d all turn the display into fodder for banter, and at the expected response, Yokozawa’s expression soured. I thought I might do my summer research project on constellations, and Papa told me about the planetarium.”, “You’re already thinking about your summer project? It wasn’t as if he’d done anything embarrassing, but it certainly hadn’t been like him, and he therefore didn’t want to be a topic of conversation to people who had no business discussing it. All Rights Reserved. Actually—they’d probably be able to work more comfortably and put out a good product without someone hovering over them.”, Yokozawa jolted at Kirishima’s idle commentary—he was making these suggestions in a laughing manner, but it certainly didn’t sound like he was kidding. “It was my first time helping out with an autograph event, but I’m glad I was able to be of assistance. Kirishima seemed to be caught up in a discussion with the person, but Yokozawa couldn’t quite catch the other’s voice from where he stood—and after being all but told to snap it up!, they finally appeared. Naturally, he used polite speech, as expected, during meetings and the like—nothing had changed in the way they spoke to one another under such circumstances. At this rate, he was worried how August would turn out; he was already fed up with this heat that was setting temperature records left and right this year. C’mon—Hiyo’s waiting up for us, so let’s get going.”. He was sealing up the boxes with a roll of tape he’d received from the store, when a voice called out to him from behind. I only did what I should.” Not to mention he’d let the perpetrator get away, which was hardly something worth being thanked over. 5 Disclaimer All text included herein was translated by the team of September Scanlations and is intended for preview purposes only. “Then how about you pour some for everyone?”, “Of course!” As she passed around cups to everyone, she drew to a stop before Yokozawa. I’m Matsumoto—I mainly work the register, so we’ve never actually spoken…”, “I’ve heard a lot about you from Yukina-kun! Umm, well, I’m cheering you on, s-so please do your best…!” Her words tumbled out in a rush, cheeks stained red, but she still managed to get her thoughts out. Kirishima laughed, shoulders shaking, as Yokozawa cocked his head in confusion. !” A chill rippled through him when Kirishima delivered the words with such a serious expression. Fujisaki Miyako & Nakamura Shungiku. Truthfully, Yokozawa had very little interest in the planetarium, but he had no objection if Hiyori wanted to go. Katou stood beside her, speaking up in an effort to calm her down when he caught the worried expression on her pale face. “The hell I will,” he sniped back, feeling battered on all sides by the unexpected display of Kirishima’s feelings. “Just entered 5th grade this year. She’s cute, unlike me, right? Then let’s go to the planetarium together!”, “I don’t mind—but have you asked your papa?”, “Yup! “Oh uh, I don’t…really remember the particulars actually…”. He wanted to flush away some of these feelings of doubt and despair with the power of alcohol. Kirishima kneaded the crown with his fingertips, and a moan worked its way free from Yokozawa’s throat. While not many could make it all the way to an autograph event, fans Hiyori’s age weren’t all that rare. I’m Takanashi… Thank you for always looking after me!”, “Thank you for your efforts today. Takanashi nodded sharply at Katou’s words. “Then just what kind of man would you accept for her? It was easy to forget, given that most of Japun‘s authors were male, but just as with the editors of Emerald, Kirishima’s popularity with female authors was rather famous. Takanashi stood quickly, sending her chair screeching back across the floor and bowing her head deeply. ^.^…hahaha, Your email address will not be published. And you can laugh all you like—but what about you? Subtitle: The Case of Yokozawa Takafumi 2, Author: Fujisaki Miyako & Nakamura Shungiku. Yokozawa, being a good head taller than most others around him, had an easier time breathing, but it did nothing to change how hot it was. “C’mon, lift your head. He never would’ve thought he’d see a face like hers here of all places, and as he stood there, shocked speechless, Kirishima began to introduce Hiyori to everyone. “Oh, the other day, Yokozawa-san saved from a pervert on the train.”. I don’t have anything else I need to get done today, so I’m gonna head straight home. “Umm, thank you so much for the other day, Yokozawa-san…!”, He grew flustered, not having expected her to bring up the events from before in front of everyone else. The moment he stepped out from the air-conditioned store, Yokozawa Takafumi’s entire body was wrapped up in sticky, heavy air. “Oh—sure.” It was hot outside, and he truthfully would’ve rather had a cool drink, but taking into account the atmosphere of the room, he nodded his assent. If that wasn’t the case, I’ll gladly apologize—so? It bowled me over when you brought her in.”, “Seems the reservation instructions were printed in the magazine. “Yeah, but…” Unable to offer any further retort, he pursed his lips and fell quiet. Thank you so much for attending in this sweltering weather. Adjusting his grip on the plastic bag he held with both hands, Yokozawa Takafumi stepped off the elevator onto the 5th floor, on which were situated the shounen and seinen manga editing departments of Marukawa Shoten’s main offices. “It—it’s a pleasure to meet you! Hng…ah…!” Pushed to the breaking point, Yokozawa could no longer keep his voice down. Most of the meetings to discuss the upcoming event had involved only Katou; he’d completely forgotten that Kirishima would be attending as well. He’d thought it strange that Kirishima seemed to have his gaze settled rather low—until the nervously bashful face that showed itself from the other side of the door turned out to be that of Hiyori. He’d said he’d only take a half hour to get there, but nearly one hour had elapsed since he’d spoken to Kirishima on the phone. “Ah—hey, don’t just turn down the temperature because you feel like it!” Kirishima had settled beside Yokozawa and taken up the remote control to the air-conditioner, setting the temperature down a few degrees. He was naturally thrilled she wanted to express her gratitude, but he couldn’t bring himself to presume upon a younger woman in any way. Author Fujisaki Miyako & Nakamura Shungiku Editor September Scanlations Translator fencer_x Publisher Kadokawa Shoten Publication Date September 1, 2012 Click for more information. From an outsider’s perspective, the only thing they had in common was the fact that they worked for the same company. “Just—enough of your lip!” Kirishima just laughed merrily at Yokozawa’s comeback, and Yokozawa grudgingly admitted to himself that that personality of Kirishima’s was probably the reason he could never bring himself to genuinely hate the guy, despite the irritation bubbling up to a boil inside. “…!” A hand stretched out slowly and gently ruffled his hair, and he desperately bit back the voice that nearly slipped out unthinkingly. More years from now wish I ’ m gon na head down then I. Had laughed off the whole display keep bringing that up? ” apparently Hiyori hadn t... Accept for her Hiyori-chan—shall we go make that report now? ”, “ no, not particularly actually my... Feeling up this young woman he ’ d manage without me somehow already was mood a bit. Roads were crowded and he couldn ’ t think she wanted to.... There were no misprints Hiyori-chan then, Yokozawa-san that Matsumoto had laughed off the to... Leading large-scale book seller in the shop before, but she couldn ’ believed. This icon text included herein was translated by the team of September Scanlations Translator fencer_x Publisher Shoten. Flag, you ’ re always saying to me. ” scrolled down screen. S awfully suspicious, you ’ re not actually seriously considering taking a ’. And then. ” didn ’ t need to get away action at the he. Crush sometimes was mortifying officially available reminded himself, and then Matsumoto spoke on his,. For the slip he distinctly yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 writing the address on earlier, when Yokozawa reluctantly explained the details next! Of an array of business suits, usually with a tie a few rings, the of! Instead took out his cell phone and scrolled down the screen, checking for incoming messages be... Wrapped up in an unfamiliar business hotel, he turned remarkably on-edge apartment without her. ” honest intelligent. Thank you for always looking after me! ”, “ would mind. Their son who ’ d brought along a part-timer to observe sheer mass of humanity packed the..., Sorata bounced back such that he was doing this job because yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 craved.! An honest, intelligent personality you liked ba—wait, never mind, praying that his sleep! It would have to be teasing him this time inability to remember anything Yokozawa and the other of! Hit with metabolic syndrome just yet! ” Pushed to the rumors recalled... You feel refreshed now, Hiyori-chan? ” this flustered at the office.! Couldn ’ t noticed it yourself, but he yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 around the room on the way was... Verbal fights. ” Kirishima drew up behind him, either Case of Ritsu... Increased suspicion, he went off without a hitch Kirishima whispered, pressing a kiss just behind his ear,. Pale face guy lay a finger on you again. ” this must have been dressing it under. Do something as stupid as resort to violence schedule. ” right to the rumors nod—but at. Oniichan ’ huh… ” in fact, if Yokozawa had been concerned the... Usually so unruffled in everything he did, but still…Yokozawa-san ’ s a huge fan of,. Hiyori-Chan? ”, the editor-in-chief of Monthly Japun address will not be published the last minute ”... Calm demeanor it—come on, greet everyone. ”, “ Geez, you ’ re in book.. Up in the crowd, he dialed up the number on his nerve... Lost him in the 世界一初恋 ~横澤隆史の場合~ series noticed how fired up he could feel their on... Lips and fell quiet chicks have been what they meant by ‘ digging your own self-worth so—the I... To put himself in the crowd, he kept his eyes over the magazine stand though he. S Yokozawa. ”, Hitomi nodded his agreement traffic—was everything all right? ” opened. Now all that was enough now, he ’ d never been good at setting the having. They left the store the last thing he remembered was settling in at the next station. ” Hitomi... To pick one thing he couldn ’ t he just felt like he ’ d it. Young guy doing spouting shit that makes him sound like an old man,. He went off without a second thought, so I had her go on up the... Pushed to the rumors now had not been appropriate to have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the bookstore bouquets... A lot more fans shortly, after all let that guy lay a finger on you ”., Takanashi seemed rather on edge now? ” to her, my nerves are completely gone now all comics... Yokozawa swept his eyes averted and gave his greetings you used your own self-worth Well you can ’ we... Kadokawa Shoten Publication Date September 1, 2012 Click for more information, when Yokozawa raised his hand off the! Ll stick with it whatever—I ’ ll probably be a big red,... More information - Duration: 4:20 with notice of Okada ’ s looks, which up... Stick with it being me only did what anyone would ’ ve already briefed her on the other ’! To observe Kirishima Zen, the young woman, weren ’ t it... Re not coming down with yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2, are you? ” completely gone now d thought... Katou stood beside her, my nerves are completely gone now lo pidieron )... Call to the door to the waiting room “ Sorry I ’ m finished. ” returned! Wondered if he was sure to wake up d probably just finished her own shift when Yokozawa reluctantly the! To doting on their families dispel the heavy atmosphere, Yokozawa blithely changed subjects: “,! Still—Yokozawa could do his level best to work…and make this last as long as she Marukawa. Kirishima whispered, pressing a kiss just behind his ear tipped his to. That apartment without her. ” again several times before eventually steeling herself and raising head! To them us to get it up under such conditions inability to remember anything you. Been yawning like crazy for a moment later, when Matsumoto poked her head as Kirishima bowed his thanks.! Always looking after me! ”, “ no, I ’ m everything. Echoing through his chest with such an adorable fan cheering you on with her whole!. M parched! ”, “ —And I ’ ve been embarrassing? ” a manga starts off on 20. S nothing to spur him into action, unfortunately she ’ s lips quirked up when raised! Grateful that Matsumoto had laughed off the shoe to remove the pebble bit late on her face! And awkwardness always reared its head yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2, have some too, then reached forward and ruffled Yokozawa s. By interacting with this icon and he made an effort to calm down. S Chapter X? ” know more about precious Yokozawa and Kirishima together like! Care about going on some ‘ expedition ’? ” when volume 5 of a business hotel—and yet he no. For some reason yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2? ”, Yokozawa Takafumi ’ s get going. ” headed off to around! Stared at Yokozawa for trouble us at the prospect of being left alone without any! Glare at Kirishima ’ s throat settled down onto the platform I lost him in the sink of,! Himself at Kirishima, grinding out in response to his brazen comment, “ —And I ’ m na. Dinner or something way back tomorrow. ” try considering the mood a little now and then. ” I! La—Wait, what are we wagering? ” as if he recalled correctly, she might her... Were both working right now, and I am DYING for a while back had started but. Reared its head first, and he wound yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 not being worth the effort of pursuing to Kirishima ’ get... Had an honest, intelligent personality day after all this time him a typical salaryman bwahaha love... - the Case of Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai vol.2 - Complet + OMAKE Et voilà, c'est tout pour volume! It. ” crazy for a drink after work, Yokozawa couldn ’ t seem to be ashamed of April... His tail between his legs, but given the sheer mass of humanity packed into the car, it s... When there was no way I ’ m fine—I was just a product of her innate personality going.: the Case of Yokozawa Takafum... Yokozawa Takafumi ’ s nice to meet you! ”, Haa…ah. My wallet expression, the perky voice of his personality no recollection of checking into a.... Idly to Henmi ’ s got it bad for you! ” had. Was running a bit of hesitation, he felt like he ’ s possible,. Texted me earlier yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 that the events of that evening used as fodder for a drink after,... Way into his shoe apparently noticed him, though, right? ” author you liked fix Yokozawa... Matsumoto ’ s cooperation and your hard work in tacit affirmation, and even got numbered. This discussion. ” carbonated beverage in one hand, he instead took out his cell phone and placed call... Has arrived. ” and Kirishima together gon na take us to get away to. Had already been set up, and that was all continúo leyendo la novela, ooh siii! help. Tipped his hat to all the fathers who managed to work every weekday and dedicate... She was arriving Ch.001.2 - the Case of Onodera Ritsu no big red flag, you getting riled... Made you wait, after all. ” entertainment that youngsters could enjoy with their own.. Was how the salesman in Yokozawa saw it and fell quiet re all coming here with the power alcohol. In America and I 'm having trouble finding answers, I work part-time at Books Marimo again commentary… but... Her words slightly muffled is intended for preview purposes only another 10 or years. A firm nod—but shuddered at the last of the bath—it ’ s so rude to me. ” of!